Curriculum and Instruction Certificate

Grow Your Teaching Career with a Curriculum and Instruction Certificate

This certificate program provides students with graduate-level coursework in P-12 classroom leadership. Graduates will be equipped to work effectively with students, parents, and other educators, in a classroom environment. This program provides the necessary coursework to meet the education requirement needed to for the teaching alternative credentials in Oklahoma. There will be additional requirements for teaching alternative from the state, please see your state Department of Education’s website for a complete list of requirements.

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required to enroll in the Curriculum and Instruction Certificate program.

Learn More About Your Curriculum and Instruction Certificate

As you prepare to begin your certificate at MACU, our enrollment counselors are ready to assist you. Please take a look at this downloadable info sheet, featuring an overview of MACU’s Curriculum and Instruction certificate program. Don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing [email protected] or calling 888-888-2341 if you have any questions.



Educational Psychology: Psychology Behind Learning

This course focuses on theories and principles of psychology as they relate to education, particularly with respect to motivation, learning and development in students. Educators will apply these ideas toward the development of strategies designed to improve instructional experiences for a variety of student populations.


Language Acquisition, Literacy, and Reading

This course supports the educator with best practices for ongoing language development for all student-learners. Skills and resources designed to support building student vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension will be introduced and applied. In addition, the role of student-learner as communicator will be explored.


Classroom Management and Safe Learning Environments

This course emphasizes the use of consistent, creative, compassionate and effective educator management skills while providing emotional, social, and physical security in the classroom. Educators will research and acquire management tools for building confidence, community and accountability for both teachers and student-learners. In addition, the role of teacher as a model and decision-maker will be examined.


Instructional Strategies and Best Practices

This course examines strategies and practices used in education to support academic growth for all student-learners. Educators will evaluate the implementation of approaches that build student success and explore the role of students as individual learners.

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