Bachelor of 业务 Administration in Accounting & 道德


  • 会计
  • 审计师
  • 预算分析
  • 业务 & 金融顾问
  • 金融分析师
  • 财务顾问
  • 税务经理
  • 设备控制器
  • 办公室经理
  • 项目经理
  • 业务经理


从财富500强企业到政府机构和小型非营利组织,每个组织都需要会计支持. PG电子游戏(MACU)的会计学士学位为学生提供了会计等会计领域的许多职位, 审计师, payroll clerk 和更多的. A timeless and ever-evolving profession, 预计商业和金融运营行业的就业将会增长 7 percent from 2020 to 2030.

MACU, a faith-based university, 由中北部学院和学校协会(NCA)的高等教育委员会(HLC)认证. 我们的课程将理论知识和应用相结合,为会计专业的学士学位学生提供有效的培训, 全面的教育使他们能够胜任中低层次的会计职位. 

Students will engage in an extensive study of taxation, 审计, 管理会计, financial and accounting law and accounting in形成 systems. 与讲座, simulations and assignments based on real-life situations, 我们的教授都是各自领域的专家,为学生自信地开始他们的职业生涯做好准备. A minimum of 122 hours is required to earn a 会计学学士学位.  澳门大学的会计学士学位课程还提供30小时的会计和9小时的业务要求 注册会计师(CPA)或注册管理会计师(CMA)考试在俄克拉荷马州.

我们会计学位的伦理部分是许多其他大学所没有的. Christ-like 道德 are the hallmark of MACU’s program, 这意味着我们的毕业生被赋予了以圣经为基础的基础,这将使他们在职业和个人生活中成为值得信赖的正直之人.


会计学学士学位 & 道德 在线: An Accelerated, Affordable Program to Fit Your Lifestyle

MACU has offered fully accredited online learning since 2008. 我们的会计学士在线课程适合有家庭承诺或想在获得学位的同时继续工作的学生. 看看澳门大学如何帮助我们的在线学生更快地完成课程并节省费用:

  • Take just one class at a time, in consecutive order
  • Up to 30 credits for life experience (volunteering, community service, etc.)
  • 经验丰富的 & military friendly: Eligible 培训 applied as course credit
  • Minimal upfront fees (free placement testing, no book fees for initial course)
  • Strong student services team, tutoring included

在线会计学士学位鼓励与其他学生建立联系, and our professors are accessible, provide support every step of the way, 尽最大努力让每个学生都觉得自己是澳门大学社区的一员.

当你准备在澳门大学开始你的学位时,我们的PG电子游戏顾问随时准备为你提供帮助. Please take a look at this downloadable degree sheet, featuring an overview of MACU’s Accounting and 道德 degree program. Don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing (电子邮件保护) 或者打电话 888-888-2341 if you have any questions.

会计学学士学位 & 道德: Get Involved, Find Your Passion, Make Connections & 成长

MACU campus life is full of possibilities. It’s a place to meet new people, form life-long friendships, 培养你的才能, try different activities, 俱乐部和团体, 也许还会发现新的激情,同时充分利用住在俄克拉何马州中心的令人兴奋的机会.

You’ll get to know your accessible professors and staff, 你会发现他们会尽一切努力与学生交流,并提供个性化的关注

俄克拉荷马城, with a growing population of more than 640,000多美元。, 多样化的经济, offers plenty of career-boosting experiences. In the city that’s nicknamed “The Big Friendly,” you’ll enjoy a welcoming environment with something for everyone, 包括餐厅, 国家运动队, arts and entertainment districts, 和更多的.

MACU benefits for on-campus students include:

  • Low faculty-to-student ratio
  • Affordable, efficient path to degree completion
  • Small campus with 24/7 safety monitoring and protection
  • 令人兴奋的国际化地理位置,拥有职业机会和世界一流的文化场所
  • Academic, social, faith-based and recreational groups, clubs and activities
  • Competitive sports and esports teams

MACU’s Bible-based Accounting Program Shapes Ethical Professionals

In the accounting profession, ethical principles and behavior–honesty, morality and integrity–are paramount. 我们以基督为中心的课程塑造了远远超出雇主高期望的领导者.

澳门大学的学生在智力和精神上都准备好成为全球化世界的仆人式领袖. 以信仰为基础, your decision-making skills will be backed by the power of scripture, 在你的职业生涯中,让你成为一个有吸引力的求职者和有价值的员工. 

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ACCN 2103

Principles of Financial Accounting

Fundamental accounting relationships; completion of the accounting cycle; accounting process for merchandising enterprises; 应收账款, 应付款项, and 库存; deferrals, 收益, 无形资产; and

ACCN 2203

Principles of Managerial Accounting

Fundamental accounting relationships; completion of the accounting cycle; accounting process for merchandising enterprises; 应收账款, 应付款项, and 库存; deferrals, 收益, 无形资产; and

ACCN 3903

Intermediate Accounting I

本课程将着重于现金会计的估值和其他理论问题, 临时投资, 应收账款, 库存, 长期投资, 厂房及设备, 无形资产.

ACCN 3913

Intermediate Accounting II

This course will focus on the study of stockholders’ equity, 稀释每股收益证券, 投资, issues related to income determination including revenue recognition, accounting for income taxes, 养老金, leases and error 分析, preparation and 分析 of financial statements, including price level changes and statement of changes in financial position.

ACCN 3923


This course will study the development of cost accumulation and reporting systems that complement a firm’s strategy and structure; how activity-based cost management systems increase competitiveness by helping a firm
manage its costs, processes, and people.

ACCN 3933

Income Tax Accounting I

This course will examine Federal income taxation and individual, 企业, and partnership income tax laws and regulations. Emphasis will be on developing a broad perspective on structure, 政府, rationale of federal income tax system.

ACCN 3943

Income Tax Accounting II

This course will focus on the study of taxation of 公司s, partnerships from organization through liquidation; relative merits of conducting business through partnership, 公司, 独资企业, S 公司; introduction to tax research.

ACCN 3953

Accounting In形成 Systems

A study of the structure, 流, 在以计算机为基础的环境中使用财务和非财务数据,重点是确保数据的完整性. Conceptual data modeling using business rules, normalization,
结构化查询语言(SQL),以及物理数据库设计和数据管理. Course includes cross-functional team project with phased deliverables.

ACCN 3963

数据分析 for Accounting

This course will develop skills required for an accounting analytics mindset. Students will apply the concepts of data scrubbing, 数据准备, 数据质量, 描述性分析, 数据操作, 数据可视化, data

ACCN 4443

Advanced Financial Accounting

本课程旨在让学生详细了解另类会计原则和实务,以及它们对资产负债表估值和损益表的影响, including critical evaluation of these alternatives. 主题 covered include: foreign currency transactions, 合伙会计和非营利组织和政府实体的会计.

ACCN 4623

Accounting Legal Environment

本课程使学生熟悉商业企业和非营利实体的外部财务报告的基本原理. The financial accounting segment of the course focuses on the preparation, 分析, 以及根据公认会计原则(GAAP)编制的财务报表的局限性. 本文还讨论了作为制定财务报告准则基础的概念框架. 本课程的管理会计部分涵盖了盈亏平衡分析等内部报告问题, 资本预算, cost behavior patterns, 以及成本分配. 该课程的法律部分涉及不同类型的商业实体的形成(例如.g., 公司 and partnership) and the regulatory role that the SEC, 上市公司会计监管委员会, and Sarbanes-Oxley play in financial reporting.

ACCN 4633


This course will study the general framework underlying 审计, role of audit standards in planning and conduct of audits, 监管效果, 道德, 责任, 审计实践.

BUAD 3403


Financial principles and functions with applications to business organizations, 包括投资, 股息的决定, and an introduction to the models and tools used for financial 分析.

ACCN 3503

Excel for 业务 Analytics

通过大量使用Excel,定量财务概念的应用. Students will become proficient in the use of Excel, 具备财务建模中使用的定量概念的工作知识, 并且能够将这些技能应用于建立和解决金融模型.

BUAD 4303

Human Resource Administration

各种形式的机构和商业组织中的人际关系和调整. The course deals with such problems as proper placement of the individual, 培训, 激励, 监督方法, 纪律,
promotion, and retirement.

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