Bachelor of Science, Data Analytics

Data Analytics Career Opportunities

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Health Care Data Analyst
  • IT Systems Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst


随着各种类型的组织转向数据进行风险分析和机会识别, the field of data analytics continues to grow exponentially. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, statisticians, information security analysts, and data scientists are among the top 10 fastest growing occupations between 2020 and 2030. 作为俄克拉荷马州第一个推出专门的数据分析学士学位的大学, 让中美基督教大学(MACU)装备你的知识和技能,你需要在这个有前途的领域前进.

我们独特的数据分析本科学位将我们完善的商业和数学学位课程与信息技术相结合, including data mining, optimization, and simulation. 您将PG电子游戏使用行业标准的数据分析工具,以及发展必要的软技能,成为任何工作场所的批判性思考者和道德领袖, shaping you into a well-rounded professional.

Data Analytics is also available as a concentration with our Bachelor of Business Administration program.

Program Information


At MACU, we help adults successfully earn an accredited, accelerated, 在一个支持性的PG电子游戏环境中获得负担得起的在线数据分析学位. With our life experience credits,符合条件的学生可以获得多达30个学分的广泛的前期PG电子游戏,包括 military training, vocational learning, ministry, community service, and more. Plus, 在线本科生每次只需连续上一门为期五周的课程, helping them focus on one course, one professor, and one set of assignments at a time. If something unexpected comes up at work or at home, 学生们可以休息一段时间,轻松地回到他们离开的学校.


  • Minimal upfront fees and a well-established orientation. 澳门大学提供免费的分班测试,并在学生开始之前进行全面的财务审查. Plus, 每个在线学位课程的第一门课程(不需要购买书籍)帮助学生适应在线PG电子游戏过程, including MACU’s learning management system.
  • Students have ample time to determine if college is right for them. Small classes and a strong student services team. A low faculty-to-student ratio, tutoring, 其他学生服务意味着学生将得到他们成功所需的所有关注和支持.
  • Development of community. In every way possible, MACU helps online students feel like they are part of a community, 无论是在课堂上还是在PG电子游戏的某些方面.
  • Growth for the whole person. 澳门大学通过将基督教原则置于每门课程的基础上,帮助学生在精神上和道德上成熟.

当你准备在澳门大学开始你的学位时,我们的PG电子游戏顾问随时准备为你提供帮助. Please take a look at this downloadable degree sheet, featuring an overview of MACU’s Data Analytics degree program. Don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing [email protected] or calling 888-888-2341 if you have any questions.

Study Data Analytics Undergraduate Courses at MACU

As a private, faith-based university that balances career exploration, four-year degree completion, and the best of small-campus and big-city life, working toward a data analyst degree on our Oklahoma City, Okla., campus is a great choice.

Find the perfect internship. Meet potential employers. Enjoy good food, live music, and fun events with friends. Go hiking or spend time at a wildlife refuge. Travel around easily by street car, bus, bike, or scooter. No matter what your interests or career goals are, MACU and Oklahoma City offer you the chance to do what you love. 从竞技和娱乐运动和电子竞技到广泛的团体, activities, and events, campus life at MACU is both vibrant and secure. If you’re looking for more, you’re sure to discover it in OKC. With a growing population of more than 640,000, the city boasts exceptional career-boosting experiences, as well as countless restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues.

Launching Ethical Data Analytics Careers

At MACU, we believe in the importance of teaching from a biblical perspective, 也就是说基督教的伦理是每门课的一部分. 我们鼓励参加我们数据分析学士课程的学生仔细和彻底地思考当今数据收集环境中固有的挑战, including individual ownership of personal data, the need for transparency and privacy, the intention for gathering each data point, outcomes of data analysis, the creation and use of algorithms, and more.

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Major Courses

CMSC 1203*

Foundations of Programming

本课程为使用流程图和伪代码编程奠定了基础. It develops understanding of logic and algorithms in programming. 重点是通过实现条件语句来发展编程技能和知识, loops, and functions.

CMSC 3103*

Analytics Management and Presentation

This course prepares students to gather data, conduct data analytics using scientific methods, interpret findings, 撰写并呈现一份有深刻见解和组织良好的发现报告.

CMSC 3463*

Advanced Structured Query Language (SQL)

学生使用先进的数据库开发工具和技术创建安全的数据库应用程序. Topics include variable types, logic structures, creating and working with program units, subprograms and functions, Dynamic SQL, database development and utilization, access control and database security utilities.

CMSC 4103

Introduction to R for Data Analytics

This course covers R’s basic syntax, starting with variables and basic operations, progressing to data structures such as vectors, matrices, data frames and lists. Using the graphical capabilities of R, students will create data visualizations, and data presentations.

MATH 2823

Business Calculus

主要应用于多项式的微分和积分的非正式研究, exponential, and logarithmic functions. 适用于计划主修商科、生命科学和社会科学的学生.

MATH 3103

Linear Algebra

A study of the generalization of the properties of straight lines. Topics include: linear equations, matrices, determinants, vectors, vector spaces, linear transformations, Eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

MATH 3403

Discrete Math

介绍离散数学的基本思想,为发展更高级的数学概念奠定基础. Some topics covered include: Number Theory, Sets and operations on sets, logic, permutations and combinations, functions, trees, graph theory and groups.

MATH 3703*

Introduction to Statistics

本课程是对作为分析方法的基本统计学的完整介绍. 统计学是一种强大的工具,广泛应用于商业世界和行为科学领域. 本课程将为学生提供统计术语和公式的实用知识. 学生将在整个课程中使用微软Excel作为媒介技术. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program is required for this course.

MATH 4113*

Mathematical Modeling

数学建模是解决现实世界问题的数学工具. In this course students study a problem-solving process. They learn how to identify a problem, construct or select appropriate models, figure out what data needs to be collected, test the validity of a model, calculate solutions and implement the model. 强调模型构建,以促进学生的创造力,展示理论数学与现实应用之间的联系.

MATH 4243

Regression Analysis

本课程为使用流程图和伪代码编程奠定了基础. It develops understanding of logic and algorithms in programming. 重点是通过实现条件语句来发展编程技能和知识, loops, and functions.

MISE 3603

IT Management

The student will cover a broad range of IT Management areas, including web development and how it is used in business; outsourcing, contracts, cloud versus internal management of data. 本课程将概述IT管理及其在商业环境中所扮演的角色.

MISE 4403

Project Planning and Implementation

本课程为理解成功规划的广泛概念提供了基础, organization, and implementation within the realm of software development, enhancement, and recon-figuration. 本课程使用现实世界的例子,并识别常见的错误和陷阱. 涵盖的主题包括项目范围、估算、预算、调度、跟踪和控制.

MISE 4643

Database Management

本课程将向学生介绍关系数据库设计的基础知识. 学生将PG电子游戏开发一个关系数据库,并使用结构化查询语言(SQL)进行数据库调用. 本课程旨在为学生提供对数据库的全面概述和对SQL使用的有力介绍.

MISE 4663*

Business Intelligence/Data Analytics

The course will focus on the analysis and modeling of data. 商业的一个主要方面是为管理层提供一个做出合理决策的模型. The student will learn how to access data, 收集适用的信息,然后以对决策者有意义的方式呈现这些数据.


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