Management Information Systems

MIS Career Opportunities

  • Systems Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Risk Analyst
  • Information Technolgy Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Data Modeler
  • Technical Support Specialist

Add Management Information Systems (MIS) Concentration to Business or Mathematics Degree

As technology rapidly advances, the world of business is constantly evolving. Employment of computer and information systems managers is projected to grow 11 percent from 2020 to 2030, with the U.S. job market expected to add 42,400 openings annually over the decade.

At MACU, we are committed to preparing business leaders to fill the increasing number of positions in MIS. Our MIS degree concentration prepares students to recognize and implement emerging technologies, services, practices, and trends that are influencing information technology (IT) and businesses today.

Complete this MIS concentration as a part of our Bachelor of Business Administration & Ethics (BBA), Bachelor of Science in Management & Ethics, or Bachelor of Science in Mathematics programs. If you’re unsure which direction to go, our admissions team can help. Your career goals, personality, and strengths will be considerations when deciding which undergraduate degree is right for you. 

On-campus or Online MIS Concentration: a Path to Many IT Positions

Students who choose the MACU information systems management degree concentration, available online or on campus, will get a solid foundation in general business or math concepts while also incorporating aspects of business specifically relating to management information systems. Students build their foundation through courses focusing on topics such as finance, marketing, management, organizational communication, and mathematical statistics and modeling, and then add specialized knowledge of database management, data analytics, languages, IT management and more.

Coursework includes:

  • CMSC 1203 Foundations of Programming
  • MISE 3203 Networking/Architecture/Cybersecurity
  • MISE 3603 IT Management
  • MISE 4403 Project Planning and Implementation
  • MISE 4643 Database Management
  • MISE 4663 Business Intelligence/Data Analytics

MACU’s MIS program will distinguish you from other job recruits and boost your marketability in a competitive job market. In our increasingly technocentric world, IT impacts virtually every aspect of every organization. Our graduates step into careers in management information systems with a broad business skill set and the necessary competencies and ethical basis that allow them to positively impact businesses and organizations.

Complete Your Concentration in MIS Online at MACU

If you’re dreaming of a career in IT, you can add an MIS degree emphasis to your undergraduate business course—and still earn your degree on time. Online learning is not new to MACU. It’s been a part of the university since 2008. Your degree is earned one five-week course at a time, taken in consecutive order. It’s a simple step-by-step program that can fit into any busy schedule.

Here’s how MACU saves you money and helps you complete your degree faster online:

  • Earn as many as 30 credits for life experience
  • Apply your military service and training as course credits
  • Free placement testing
  • Student services and tutoring available every step of the way
  • Upfront costs are minimal, including no initial book fees

Prep for Wide Range of IT Careers with On-campus Concentration in MIS

The demand for those who excel at information systems management is strong, and you can be part of this fast-growing career field at MACU. As you launch toward success in business and MIS, your on-campus studies will be enhanced by the social opportunities on campus, from sports to faith-based clubs and groups. Add in a caring faculty team and the scene is set for growth, both intellectual and spiritual.

And it all takes place in the heart of Oklahoma City with its strong job market and a strong Christian community. Activities in the city include national sports teams, vibrant downtown shopping and eateries, and outdoor adventures that range from hiking to whitewater rafting. 

Additional advantages of an on-campus degree program at MACU include:

  • A streamlined degree completion plan that’s affordable
  • Low faculty-to-student ratio
  • A campus that values safety and security
  • Support services, including tutoring, so students can thrive
  • Recreational, academic, and faith-based activities and groups
  • Competitive sports and esports teams

An MIS Degree with Ethics at Its Core

Whether you choose to study MIS online or on campus, MACU will help you focus on not only intellectual and personal growth, but also spiritual growth. Our Christ-centered instruction will help give you a strong sense of ethics throughout your time at the university and as your begin your career in business.

MACU programs, both online and on-campus, create leaders with strength of character as well as strength of intellect. Dedication to Christ shines through in all our coursework, in our instructors, and in our student body.

MACU is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). 

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CMSC 1203

Foundations of Programming

This course lays the foundation of programming using flowcharts and pseudocode. It develops understanding of logic and algorithms in programming. The focus is on developing programming skills and knowledge by implementing conditional statements, loops, and functions.

MISE 3203


A study of the basic concepts of distributed processing, including data communication equipment, protocols, local and wide area networks and the associated topologies. Stresses structure, interoperability, load analysis, and performance analysis. The need to protect industries from
outside attacks will be stressed through Cybersecurity.

MISE 3603

IT Management

The student will cover a broad range of IT Management areas, including web development and how it is used in business; outsourcing, contracts, cloud versus internal management of data. The course will be a basic overview of IT management and the role it plays in business environments.

MISE 4403

Project Planning and Implementation

This course provides a foundation for understanding the broad concepts of successful planning, organization, and implementation within the realm of software development, enhancement, and recon-figuration. This course uses real-world examples and identifies common mistakes and pitfalls. Topics covered include project scoping, estimating, budgeting, scheduling, tracking, and controlling.

MISE 4643

Database Management

This course will introduce the student to the basics of a relational database design. The student will
learn to develop a relational database and use structured query language (SQL) to make database calls. The course is designed to provide a student with a sound overview of databases and a strong
introduction to the use of SQL.

MISE 4663

Business Intelligence/Data Analytics

The course will focus on the analysis and modeling of data. A major aspect of business is to provide a model to management to make sound decisions. The student will learn how to access data, glean applicable information and then present this data in a manner meaningful to decision makers.