Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice Administration & Ethics

Criminal Justice Careers

  • CIA Agent
  • Computer Forensics Specialist
  • Corporate Security Specialist
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Criminal Profiler
  • Drug Enforcement Administration Agent
  • FBI Agent
  • Fish and Game Warden
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Homicide Detective
  • Police Officer
  • Private Investigator
  • U.S. Marshal 

A Degree in Criminal Justice Taught by Real-world Experts

刑事司法学士学位(BS)让你走上一条令人兴奋的执法职业道路, a field expected to continue a growth rate of 7% for the next ten years. PG电子游戏(MACU)有一个项目,可以让你从零开始,或者在你已有的技能基础上发展.

MACU’s Criminal Justice degree goes beyond theoretical exploration, 而是选择通过包括反恐在内的课程来解决工作的现实问题, constitutional law, and criminal procedure—all taught by real-world experts. 学生离开这个项目时,在道德社区警务的主要重点范围内获得了工作准备技能.


You can distinguish your Criminal Justice degree with a concentration in Christian Ministries or Psychology.

Add an Optional Psychology Concentration to Criminal Justice Major

包括额外心理学课程的教育背景为传统的执法人员提供了有用的工具,并打开了未来的职业大门. 全国各地的警察部门每天都会遇到精神疾病患者. Even patrol officers benefit from additional psychology studies. 通过运用在课程中获得的对人类行为的理解,包括对异常行为的研究, motivational psychology, and stress management, 执法专业人员为包括调查工作在内的职责做好了更好的准备, interview techniques, and situations that require negotiation.

Program Information

Advance Your Law Enforcement Career with an Online Criminal Justice Degree

澳门大学的刑事司法学位非常适合执法新手或有相关经验的人士. No matter one’s life circumstances with work or family, Mid-America Christian University is an ideal choice, as our five-week classes are designed to work with the schedules of busy adults.

  • Online courses are taken one course at a time, consecutively
  • Credit for life experience, including military training
  • Placement testing is free
  • Upfront costs are minimal

我们鼓励参加刑事司法与伦理学理学学士在线课程的学生与其他学生建立联系, and faculty members are accessible and engaged in the success of every student. 

As you prepare to begin your degree at MACU, our enrollment counselors are ready to assist you. Please take a look at this downloadable degree sheet, featuring an overview of MACU’s Criminal Justice and Ethics degree program. Don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing [email protected] or calling 888-888-2341 if you have any questions.

MACU’s BS in Criminal Justice On Campus: Expand Your World View as You Expand Your Skillset

Life on campus at MACU includes competitive sports, group activities, and a safe environment for your educational journey. You’ll grow your circle of friends who share your passions for both education and Christ. 附近的校外生活包括丰富的户外活动,以及俄克拉何马城都会区的250多个博物馆-从艺术, science, and aviation to the National Softball Hall of Fame.


  • Degree programs that are efficient and affordable
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Competitive sports (including Esports)
  • A small, secure campus
  • A thriving city nearby with so much to see and do

What Community Policing Needs Now: A Criminal Justice Degree With Ethics

澳门大学以基督为基础的刑事司法教学意味着每门课程都要灌输道德, not simply added as an afterthought. That’s “the MACU difference,” and you’ll feel it in every interaction you have, whether it’s with fellow students or with staff and faculty. 所有这些都致力于塑造领导者,他们不仅了解各自领域的智力需求, but the moral ones as well.

This criminal justice program is bible-based and built on the foundation of Jesus. 澳门大学获中北部学院及学校协会高等教育委员会(HLC)认可。.  

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Major Courses

CRJS 3103*

Introduction to Criminal Justice

An examination of the major components of the Criminal Justice system – law enforcement, courts and corrections – including historical and social perspectives; the roles and functions of various agencies; and the processes involved in the administration of justice.

CRJS 3503*

Criminal Law

强调《PG电子游戏》中与联邦和州执法人员和检察官的权力直接有关的条款, and limitations on these officers. Decisions and constitutional issues relevant to the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, and fourteenth amendments will be stressed.

CRJS 3513

Criminal Law II

elements and punishments of each act.

CRJS 3703*

Criminal Procedures

Students will study the entire criminal justice process, from police investigation to post-conviction appellate review of convictions.

CRJS 3813*

Community Relations


CRJS 4003

Cultural Diversity in Law Enforcement

这门课程是对当前问题和社会问题有关的司法行政在一个多元文化的社会的检查. 本课程将特别关注社区种族的变化以及社会和体制公共政策的相关变化. Also discussed is a cross cultural communication, implementing cultural awareness training, multicultural representation in law enforcement, and criminal justice
interaction with various racial and ethnic groups.

CRJS 4113

Principles of Investigation

本课程旨在培养对探究科学的一般理解,并提供技术展示, skills and limitations of the modern criminal investigation. 侦查考虑包括刑事侦查的各个方面,是一种思想和行动的系统. Discussion is centered on methods applied in detecting, examining and interpreting factual and legal dimensions of criminal cases. 本课程还探讨了特定形式的犯罪(凶杀)调查的概念和方法, rape, robbery, etc.)

CRJS 4403

Principles of Investigation

学生将评估在警察管理的各个阶段使用的政策和程序. 其中包括影响警察机构运作的法律地位的司法决定. Additionally, 评估了大型和小型警察组织固有的行政问题,包括:警察行政的历史和背景, police organizational tasks, leadership in the police organization, the role of the police manager, and the role of citizen oversight. 对解决警察对社区执法服务问责的监督委员会进行了分析.

CRJS 4513*

Interview and Interrogation Techniques

本课程旨在让学生熟悉基本的沟通概念及基本概念, processes, techniques, and legal aspects of interview and interrogation used in the field of criminal justice. The course will address the differences and similarities between interview and interrogation; different types, uses, and processes of interviews; various forms of verbal and nonverbal communication; and specialized types of interviews, such as probing, selection, counseling, and persuasive.

CRJS 4533*

Anti-Terrorism and Homeland Security

This course examines emergency planning, risk analysis of communities, and creation of comprehensive plans. Threat assessment, staffing, agency coordination, and communication are addressed to create resilient and vigilant communities. Case studies are examined and discussed, including natural and manmade disasters, radicalism, and acts of terrorism. 该课程将社区警务和国土安全的核心战略和理念联系起来.

CRJS Electives

CRJS 3003*


本课程从受害者的角度考察了广泛的受害经历, their families, and society. Crimes studied include robbery, burglary, carjacking, assault and battery, rape, domestic violence, stalking, homicide, arson, child sexual abuse and exploitation, child pornography crimes, federal crimes, identity theft, terrorism, and Internet crimes. Emphasis is on exploring the etiology of trauma, motivational issues of offending, response patterns to victimization, secondary trauma effects of victimization, and community and media response.

CRJS 3113


Criminology is an introductory course in the study of criminal behavior, focusing on the various theories of crime causes. This course focuses on criminal behavior, intercultural aspects, societal reaction to crime, and criminological methods of inquiry.

CRJS 3413

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence between adults including spousal abuse and elder abuse are examined. Aspects include the psychological and sociological factors of violence, dominance, and control. The officer’s communication in such a setting including intercultural aspects are stressed. The legal perspective includes discussion of proactive arrest policies, restraining orders, and antistalking legislation.

CRJS 4013

Human Trafficking

Critically examines the global problem of human trafficking. Using a historical and comparative
framework, 本课程揭示了世界不同区域人口贩运模式的差异,以及通过预防手段打击人口贩运的努力, protection, prosecution, and partnership.

CRJS 4103

Identification, Collection, and Preservation of Evidence

This course exposes students to crime scene evidence, collection techniques, protection of the scene, interview skills, and the various uses of modern technology in preserving and analyzing evidence. An
分析证据规则,重点是可采性的概念和定义问题, relevancy, materiality, weight, burden of proof, presumptions, types of evidence, judicial notice, evidentiary privileges, best evidence, opinion evidence, and hearsay evidence and its exceptions.